agricultural drying machine

agri plow, tiller blade, cultivator/blade, s-tine blade, spider wheel etc provide.  

agricultural machinery for sale

Our product line includes:

agriculture cutting machine

Disc/Plough Blade (16’’-36’’ Dia, 3-12mm thick, Baking or Paint Finish);

Disc Harrow (Light/Middle/Heavy Duty Models);

Disc Plough (1LY Seriers/Light Duty/Driving);
Tractor Trailer (4-wheel/2-wheel);

Spreader (Fertilizer/Solt);

Harverster (Wheat/Rice/Bean)

Rotary Plow; Share Plough; Swivel Plough; Rake/Subsoiler; Scraper (Box/Rear Blade); Grain Cart; Mower (Normal/Reciprocating); Spare Parts and so on.

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