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Cow Free Stall


Custom tailored according to the body type of cattle/cow, provide the rest

Place for cattle, at the same time, can regulate the resting position. However,

The most important function for the bedding(Cow Free Stall)is to make sure

Cows have a good sleeping. Good bedding will make cows/cattle have less

Disease, mastitis, nipple damage.


Bedding, Bovine jugular track, Hold card, Bolt.

Cow Free Stall-FEATURES

1. Galvanized Pipe: Anti-corrosion, acid proof and durable;

2. Suitable Cow/Cattle: Dry cow, pregnancy cow, young cow, heifer,Weaning calf;

3. Bedding Independent and Clean: Improve the sleep quality of cow &Milk production.

4. Unique and Cow-friendly Design: Avoid bruising when cows get up Or rest, ensure the cow body safety;

5. Cold bending forming, be linked by bolted, overall without welding,Cannot be easy to rust and distort, strong and durable;

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6. Size Flexible-Completely according to the cows' age and shape de-Sign length and width, convenient to lie-down, and easy entry and Exit easy.

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